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A B O U T   U S 

Moving is my passion as is helping others move mindfully, safely and with joy. Pilates has helped me navigate my way into my 40’s and now into my 50’s as an athlete and a lover of movement.

I have been teaching Pilates since 2010, and have specialised in teaching small group and private sessions.  Integrating my deep understanding of the importance of mind-body connection I am dedicated to creating individually tailored programs that cater to each clients unique needs and goals.

Pilates is a wonderful practice for individuals in all demographics. It helps us to connect and reconnect with our bodies as we find our bodies changing in many, often, unexpected ways. 

Committed to guiding individuals on their movement journey, I blend expertise with a personal touch, to ensure clients feel empowered within their own body.

I strive to foster a sense of community within the studio and my classes.

Welcome to a space where your well-being is my priority.



Diploma of professional Pilates instruction - July 2010 

Anatomy and Physiology for Pilates and Movement

TAE Cert IV  Training and Assessment

LYT Yoga 200-Hour Training

ACY Yoga 200-Hour Training  

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